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Chilled reds: that is a thing!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Magula, Carboniq, Slovakia, 2018

Chillable reds have been such a hit in recent years. What makes them popular is how they have the same or sometimes a better thirst quenching quality than most whites and roses. Also known as glou-glou wines, a French term, to refer to wines that are super easy to drink and quaffable.

This style of wine is super delicious, easy drinking, and can be great for warmer days. Some of our chillable reds perfectly suited to this category are as follows:

In fact, most reds, at times, are served too warm. When winemakers suggest drinking a red at room temperature, it is usually to be served at cellar temperatures, which is around the 12 degree mark. Reds wines, when served slightly cooler helps taming them, and as the temperature slowly rises, while in the glass, the wine evolves and shows off its layers gradually. Much more softer and pleasurable to drink.

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