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Utopia Aperitivo Non-Alcolico V

Non-alcoholic herbal aperitif starting with V — two years in oak cask — contains up to 15 avant-garde drinks — dilute 1 part to 5-10 parts sparkling/mineral water — drink on the rocks.

Unpasteurised, no sulphites added, only coarsely filtered.

Unusually delicate and aromatic thanks to the original slow Orleans fermentation method. Store below 8°C and once opened, consume within 21 days.


250 ml 

ingredients: apple vinegar macerated with grape skins, chokeberry, gentian, peppermint, lemon balm, angelica root and seeds, fennel, cloves and cinnamon, sugar. 


All ingredients are wild harvested, foraged or come from organically farmed agriculture.

Utopia Aperitivo Non-Alcolico V

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