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Petr Koráb Solar Red 2022

A new release from Petr. As anyone who knows Petr well now, would know that almost every vintage has surprise release(s) from him. Petr was an ex chef, and we love how he approaches his vineyards as a chef does the market to see what is the best produce available. Petr judges the fruit on the weather conditions of that vintage (year), and depending on the acidity, fruit, ripeness level he blends different parcels or makes wines from single varietals that would best reflect that particular year. 


The Solar Red is a new summery red blend of Pinot Noir, Zweigelt and Frankovka. Chill it down for max effect, full of summer berries, bright, white and red strawberries and a very mineral presence on the palate. At just 11% ABV.


Organic, bio-dynamic farming, ABV 11% 



Petr Koráb Solar Red 2022

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