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Petr Koráb Ambero 2022

Petr Koráb's wines are some of the most exciting and thought out. Petr has a sense of creativity and approaches each vintage without any preconceived ideas, rather he lets the natural expression of the grapes guide him to make wines in that particular vintage.

This is how Ambero, an orange/skin contact white, was born! Majority 70% blend of Grüner Veltliner, Tramín, Rizling Vlašský, with balance 30% of Hibernal. With a mix ageing in ceramic vessel and large old, used, oak barrels including vine leaves, again an ancient technique only Petr is using, but one which gives his wines amazing drinkability and orange wines that are so approachable and super satisfying at the same time!


Great to age for another six-eight years, or drink now! 


Organic, biodynamic farming, natural winemaking. 

ABV:  12%

Petr Koráb Ambero 2022

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