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Mira Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Mira Nestarcová's wines have an incredible energy and character. What lends to this expression in the wines is how the vines are allowed to grow freely, as they would in their natural habitat. Mira says that there isn't much human intervention in the vineyards, with no pruning done, the vines are touching the sky.


The labels are inspired by Mira’s background in dance and art (she’s originally been a

ballet teacher) and each is dedicated to these beautiful beings whose character reflects

the wines.



Clay soils, 25-year-old vineyard. Sauvignon Blanc fermented with a portion of whole berries in a 1000-litre acacia barrel. Bottled from the coarse sediments, six months after harvest. When a Sauvignon Blanc is done right it can be a joy to drink, this wine from Mira is all that. A sturdy, fleshy Sauv Blanc with an exotic nose,  keeping its character and varietal freshness in tact. Delicious! 


On the label: Ruth St. Denis (1879 – 1968) – American modern dance pioneer who paved

the way for other women in the field.

Mira Sauvignon Blanc 2022

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