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Max Sein Wein Les Autochtones 2020

The younger generation of winemakers in Germany is definitely going through a resurgence of new ideas, farming in a more conscious way, and giving forgotten, or let’s say, not ‘fashionable’ varieties a chance to shine. Maximilian Baumann is definitely one of those growers, when we first heard of him and his tireless work in his village Dertingen in Franken we knew we needed to taste his wines and give him a chance here in the UK market. And we are so glad we did! Max comes from a winemaking family, and given his curious personality and a keenness to learn more about organic farming and natural winemaking, he found himself working with some real exciting growers in Austria and New Zealand.


Max Sein Wein works on 3.5 ha all organically farmed. Max's flagship wine, where the Silvaner is showing all its beauty. Elegant, poised, a lovely weight on the palate with a clean, precise finish. When a winemaker puts a white variety as his flagship wine it is definitely worth taking notice. A wine to impress. 




Max Sein Wein Les Autochtones 2020

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