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Zdeněk Vykoukal Cabernet Moravia 2021

Zdeněk Vykoukal's Cabernet Moravia is moreish, comforting, delicious and just so satisfying. Cabernet Moravia, the grape variety, is a local variety in the Czech Republic, a crossing of Cabernet Franc x Zweigelt. It is like a Loire Valley Cabernet Franc meeting Central European Zweigelt on the streets of Prague and falling head over heels in love!  


Think of this wine as a medium-bodied red, with lots of character, super bright red and blackcurrant fruit with a long, lingering finish! Delish. 


Zdeněk's unique vineyard sites and soils, limestone, chalk soils, really help with keeping minerality and his winemaking that focusses on slow ageing and allowing time to bring the best in the wine results in outstanding wines with great energy and expression! 


Organically farmed, low intervention wine.

ABV 12.5%


Zdeněk Vykoukal Cabernet Moravia 2021

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