• Vino Magula, Little Carpathians, Slovakia

    THIS family run winery is based in Sucha Nad Parnou in Slovakia beautifully perched between the Rose and Wolf valleys with their vineyards dotting the landscape. Also, they are our first winegrower to add from Slovakia. This family’s two generations have been practicing biodynamic farming on 10ha. Deep loess soils with a high proportion of minerals, especially calcium, coupled with the arid climate where rainfall is well below the Slovakian average, encourage the vines to grow deep and as a result develop vigorous roots. This explains the root on their eye-catching labels. 


    At the same time, the large proportion of sunny days, which is typical for Sucha, allows the grapes to ripen to perfect maturity and develop complex characteristics. They are focusing on varieties yielding expressive varietal vines while reflecting also the terroir and vintage specifics, suitable for longer maturing and archiving. They cultivate varieties typical for Sucha (Blauer Portugieser, Frankovka, Gruner Veltliner and Welschriesling complemented with those specifically bred for the Slovak conditions (Dunaj, Devin, Hron and Rosa). In early 2019, they planted their first cuttings of Pinot Noir, which all are from a massal selection. 


    These wines have such great energy and their drinkability with superb complexity makes them an absolute treat! 


    Wines in Stock


    Rizling Vlassky (welshriesling) 2016

    Devin 2016



    Orange/Skin Contact

    Oranzovy Vlk 2017 



    Carboniq 2017

    Baccara 2016 

    Frankovka 2014 

    Frankovka Unplugged 2015



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