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Utopia Drinking Vinegar Raspberry, Wild Thyme and Jalapeño

Utopia Drinking Vinegars - we knew we wanted to work with these as soon as we had tried them with Ivo and Eva in 2022 summer. These drinking vinegars are way superior in quality than most around. What makes them so special is the slow, ageing process of 20 months. It starts its life as a cider, which requires it to go through a year of ageing in casks as do all Utopia Ciders. After which, it spends a further six to seven months in casks as the slow, natural method of turning it in to vinegar following the traditional French Orleans method rather than using heat to quicken the process resulting in sharper flavours and finish.


After, Eva forages in the forests to find what is available naturally in that year or found in abundance as nature intended it to. She picks wild berries, herbs to be used for the next step. All ingredients used in maceration are either wild harvested or organic. The result of all this careful and mindful creation of the vinegars shows in the flavour, finesse and the finish. This can be a superb use for non-alcoholic drinks, the macerated ones can be used simply with tonics, soda water, with Euphoria’s birch saps. Also use them in cocktails as the sweetner or bitters and the different flavours can be used in building up layer of complexity on drinks. 


For more uses at home, besides having this in drinks, simply can add to water, it is a great addition in salad dressings, cooking, baking, marinations, seasoning. If you have any questions or would like ideas on how to use them, then please get in touch with us. 



Utopia Drinking Vinegar Raspberry, Wild Thyme and Jalapeño

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