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Utopia Cider Barobora 2017

Utopia ciders are unlike you have ever tried. And if you don't like ciders, then you need to try these. Ciders that are mass produced go through addition of enzymes, additives, sugar in some instances, forced carbonitation for the bubbles you may find in them and high amount of sulphur dioxide.


Utopia ciders are unmessed with, nothing added or taken away and with zero added sulphur dioxide. These are pure, living, fermented juice all made from fruit of organic orchards. 


The Barbora starts off as a lovely complex, wine. It always reminds us of Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley. Lush, rounded, fullness on the palate and finishes off as the most precise, clean finish. Delicious! It will leave you wanting more. 

Utopia Cider Barobora 2017

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