The Playful

After 5% discount, at £106.


The Playful mixed case is where you can dabble in different styles. You can see the result of longer skin contacts for whites gives the wines more weight and making them superb food companions, the cider is so much more like a wine than the ones you may be used to drinking or have tasted in the past. The reds, are fun, juicy, crunchy yet got long finish and length on them. 

Here, the whites are more like reds, and reds can be actually cooled down to (10-12degrees). Truly playful and imaginative. 


2018 Utopia Cider, Katerina, Sudkuv Dul, Czech Republic - £16.50 OR  Wine Option Jaroslav Osicka, Milerka, Moravia, Czech Republic £16.50


2018 Krasna Hora, La Blanca, Moravia, Czech Republic - £15.90


2019 Reka.Koncz, Eastern Accents, Barabas, Hungary - £22.40


2018 Magula, Carboniq, Sucha nad Parnou, Slovakia - £19.00


2019 Krasna Hora, Ruby, Moravia, Czech Republic - £15.90


2018 Petr Korab, St Laurent, Moravia, Czech Republic - £22.00



*Subject to availability. If anything were to sell out, then we will replace it with another suitable option. The Petr Korab Karmazin (as shown in the photo is now replaced by his St Laurent)  

The Playful