The Classics, mixed case, is a great way to taste through some of the classic expressions of varieties. It is at a 5% discount. The wines included here are: 


2015 Dobra Vinice, Kambrium, Moravia, Czech Republic  - £19.40


2018 Stapleton & Springer, Chardonnay, Moravia, Czech Republic - £25.50


2018 Petr Korab, Welschriesling Sur Lie, Moravia, Czech Republic - £19.20


2016 Stapleton & Springer, Ben’s Reserve Pinot Noir, Moravia, Czech Republic - £24.00


2017 Vinarstvi Cacik, Frankovka, Moravia, Czech Republic - £22.00


2017 Zdenek Vykoukal, St Laurent, Moravia, Czech Republic - £20.40


*Subject to availability. If anything were to sell out, then we will replace it with another suitable option

The Classics

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