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Rose Styles and fresher, chillable reds - yes, you read that right. Reds can be  cooled down and ideally should be served at 16-18degrees. Room temperature, is usually referred to cellar temperatures when winemakers suggest that. Now, some styles of reds can be had even slightly cooler perfect to satiate those red wine cravings in warmer months.

There are roses and then there are wines that are dressed in the rose garb, but can give you so much more than just quenching thirst, and have a crisp, dry finish. They can still be perfect food accompaniments, have depth and texture and leave you wanting more. 


  • 2018 Reka.Koncz Eastern Accents, Barabas, Hungary £22.40 - Blend of a local varieties Kiralyleanka + Harslevelu - Many growers in Hungary are moving away from Kiralyleanka as they feel the variety may not be as fashionable on the international wine scene, as consumers steer closer to the varieties found in the famous wines of Tokaj. However, Annamaria, wants to change this and is staying strongly rooted to the traditions and working with variety like Kiralyleanka to preserve the heritage and history of the winemaking tradition. This is delicate, lovely peachy notes, floral and very enticing and dreamy. This wine reminds us of a cherry blossom tree in full bloom. 
  • 2018 Ota Sevcik Frankovka Claret, Moravia, Czech Republic £19.60 - Ota Sevcik is shy, quiet, humble and a hard worker. The last two attributes you can see coming through in the quality of his wines. Whereas his wines are anything but shy and quiet, they are expressive, full of life, textured - they do talk to you in words you will not forget. This wine is strawberries and cream, summer berries, lush, and super fresh. 
  • 2017 Richard Stavek Divy Rysak, Moravia, Czech Republic £29.60 - When Richard Stavek does his take on a rose wine, it will get your attention in all the right ways. He says that rose wines don’t have to be boring. He works with white and red varieties, that gives you a gingery colour. 
  • 2018 Magula Carboniq, Sucha nad Parnou, Slovakia £19.00 - The Magula family in Slovakia do a vibrant, juicy, alive expression of the Modry Portugal (Blauer Portuguiser) grape. It wasn’t discovered or related to Portugal as the name suggests. The wine is made similar to the Beaujolais in France - vivacious, spunky, and even if you aren’t basking holidaying somewhere exotic it will transport you there nonetheless. :-D 
  • 2018 Petr Korab St Laurent, Moravia, Czech Republic £19.50 - Petr Korab’s wines are smashable, even though they have a fun element to them, the wines suddenly give you a taste of something deeper, all aligned in perfect harmony. Delightful, whispering wines. St Laurent, is quickly grabbing the attention of many top sommeliers in the country - dark chocolate, black olives, black, juicy plums, touch of balsamic notes!  
  • 2017 Vinarstvi Cacik Frankovka 2017, Moravia, Czech Republic £22.00 - One word to describe Cacik’s Frankovka is Ethereal! It has almost a mesmerising, vivid note to it. Showing how Frankovkas (or Blaufrankisch) can and are softer, light footed yet with lots of personality. We love saying and its quickly becoming a thing - Frankovkas are a dance between Syrahs and Pinot Noirs.


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