Spring/Easter Treats - Selection of Six

Dobra Vinice’s Creme de Parc National Pet Nat 2018: Back in stock! If you haven’t tasted a Pet Nat, or love Pet Nats, then this is a perfect bottle of bubbles to reach for!


Dva Duby Divide 2018: Tropical, bright, textured, with good minerality and seriousness, a versatile, broad expression of Malvasia (Veltlínské Červené Rané) and Müller Thurgau. 


Jaroslav Osicka Ryšak 2019: Blend of red and white varieties. This is somewhere in between a darker rose style and a light red. Chill it down and will be perfect for any occasion, not just for sunny days. 


Max Sein Wein’s Trio Sauvage 2019 a skinsy blend of Silvaner, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay; a delicious St Laurent from the unique limestone soils of Zdenek Vykoukal; and a new arrival from the incredible Petr Korab - Karmazin, an ancient, local name for Frankovka - dark fruit, kirsch-like notes, sprinkling of black pepper, and a floral quality of a black rose. 


All the wines in this case are from Moravia, Czech Republic, except Max Sein Wein, which is from Germany. 

Spring/Easter Treats - Selection of Six