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PLAY ú lalala 2020 - UTOPIA feat. Jaroslav Tesařík

The PLAY series from Utopia is a special project where wine and cider come together in these playful coferments. Grapes are from some top Moravian, natural winemakers. A cheeky take on some commercial hits of the 90s, the idea is to enjoy with its accompanying tune (


Slightly sparkling apple-grape coferment - cider meets Dlúhé Grefty’s Rufus skins. Cider macerated for a week on skins of Dluhe Grefty's Rufus (Grüner Veltliner and Cabernet Sauvignon), then fresh 2020 apple juice added for secondary fermentation before bottling. Unfined, unfiltered, with no added SO2. Store in a cool place up to 8°C, enjoy around 10°C.


Utopia ciders will change your perception of what cider should be or is, because this is how nature intended it to be unmessed with pure, delicious juice! 

PLAY ú lalala 2020 - UTOPIA feat. Jaroslav Tesařík

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