This fortified wine from Petr Korab, is an absolute treat. If you think you don't like sweet wines as they are too cloying, syrupy and lack any kind of freshness, then we urge you to try this all the more, it will change the perception of this category. 


Super fresh, yes, it has great acidity and a lift making it really drinkable. 100 % Frankovka, and Petr painstakingly makes his own brandy to fortify the wine from fresh Frankovka grapes, and not the must, this gives the wine a purity, freshness and lovely softness.  Think of a black forest gateaux and kirsch-like notes. Great with cheese, chocolate desserts, duck dishes especially ones that have an asian twist to it like a hoisin sauce, foie gras, pastry desserts with berries. This wine is an all rounder and works perfectly in different seasons and flavours.

Petr Korab Cerne Starosvetske 2015

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