• Petr Koráb, Moravia, Czech Republic

    WINERY Koráb was founded in 2006 by the Koráb brothers from Boleradice. Currently, Petr Koráb is at the helm of wine grower and cellar keeping. Petr’s main focus has been on old vineyards since the beginning – preservation of vineyards became his main objective. For larger wine growers old vineyards are uneconomic due to lower production. However, smaller grapevine planting and original Moravian clones have – together with long roots of old grapevines have brought around a positive influence on quality and the resulting character of wine. Petr’s intention is to preserve old vineyards as a significant landscaping element of a Moravian village, and, first of all, to make authentic Moravian wines from grapes harvested in these vineyards. Petr doesn’t only grow grapes and makes wine, but an important part of his holistic approach is to rear sheep, goats and bees to create balanced farming. 


    All musts are fermented by use of autochtonic yeast in wooden barrels and open fermenting vats. Some white wines are macerated on skins. After fermentation, wines are given good amount of time to lie on the yeast. SO2 is kept to minimum – in compliance with Authentiste Charter. A group called Authentiste that Korab and most of our growers are part of. This platform gives these growers to come together and create a sort of place for them to share ideas and thoughts on more conscientious farming and wine making. Petr Koráb works mainly with classical Central European varieties best suitable for his vineyards, such as Frankovka (Bläufrankisch), Neuburské (Neuburger), Muller Thurgau, Ryzlink vlašský (Welschriesling) or Veltlínské zelené (Grüner Veltliner). A showpiece of the winery is a magical vineyard in Víckov originating in 1934.




    They have about 4ha of their own vineyards or rented from older winemakers. Position of the vineyards together with their unique soil and age of the vines ranges between 29 and 75 years, giving small yields, and one that guarantees great quality of the grapes. Some of the vines have 10cm thick trunks.



    Petr feels that following biodynamics gives them a chance to reach a balance between the winemaker and the vineyard. This way the vineyard can have maximum influence and the wine becomes a reflection of this balance. First little steps on this path were started in 2008.



    The process of metamorphosis of grapes into wine starts by taking great care in the vineyard and then during sorting of the grapes. They use traditional ways and one of them is gravitational winemaking, when transport of the grapes and juice is done without using pumps and other mechanical means. This way we don’t harm to the grape must. 


    White wines are racked only partially (heaviest sediment) so there’s enough of nutrients left for the yeast. This require the grapes to be 100% healthy. Similarly red grapes are de-seeded only partially to preserve natural tannins.


    “Wine’s natural expression is taken over in today’s “modern” winemaking by technology. Often many additives are used to create the most likeable wines. It would be sin to rape the very blood (juice) of these old vineyards. For this reason, our wines are fermented spontaneously without addition of cultured yeast. We don’t use enzymes or tannins, because it’s only this way that the wine can retain the soul of the place and it’s terroir. We want to make wine in the most natural way that’s why we only work with grapes natural sugars and acidity without adding beet sugar or other acids,” explains Petr. 



    Wines in the UK



    Cremeux Pinot Noir Pet Nat 2017




    Pinot Blanc 2017




    Pinot Noir 2017

    St Laurent 2017

    Karmazin (Frankovka) 2017



    Černé Starosvestské, 100% Frankovka 2015


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