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Kmetija Štekar BELO 2022

For us, it has always been so important to work with growers that follow a holistic approach in their farming practices, where vine growing and winemaking is an extension of their lives, where the land acts as a vessel to hold space for a lifestyle that is self-sufficient and a perfect harmony exists in that ecosystem they have nurtured and created. We had heard about how passionate Janko, Tamara and their family, of Kmetija Štekar,  were about their land and how organic farming went way beyond just not using pesticides/herbicides on the soil, but when we met them last year and visited their home and saw their vineyards, their olive trees, fruit tree orchards, vegetables plantings, happy, free roaming animals we could see how everything was perfectly aligned. There is an energy when you stand in their amphitheatre-style vineyards in the beautiful valley of Goriška Brda, and all of this can be sensed in the wines. There is a purity of fruit, a kind of an unabashed character, honest, vibrant and so alive and, most importantly, delicious.


The BELO is a field blend, which means it comprises grapes from a particular plot but one that has been planted with many different varieties such as Chardonnay, Rebula, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon, Polsakica, Glera, Friulano, amongst others. All hand harvested, spontaneous fermentation with native yeast, unfined, unfiltered, no added sulphur dioxide. The Belo is alive, fun, and really drinkable, a great food wine, superb with spice, think big flavours, white meats like pork, turkey, chicken. 


Kmetija Štekar BELO 2022

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