• Jakub Novak, Moravia, Czech Republic

    JAKUB Novak's vineyards and cellar are in Tasovice. It took us two years to establish contact with Jakub. Camera shy and a quiet personality, his wines have a strong backbone, distinct character and ever lasting memory on the palate.


    Jakub Novák has studied winemaking under highly respected winemaker and teacher Jaroslav Osička at the local winemaking college and then worked as a cellar hand at Dobrá Vinice.


    He slowly build up his winery up and now tends to just over 1 hectar of vineyards on mineral soils. He’s grown into one of the true cult winemakers of the natural wine movement in Europe and the US and has a strong following.


    His wines sell out fast and are highly prized given the small quantities and huge demand. Jakub’s wine are fermented in wood an he is using combination of oak and acacia barrel for elevage, which usually takes a year. He’s also buying a small amount of grapes from other growers that he works very closely with to ensure quality.


    Wines in stock



    Gruner Veltliner 2017

    Pinot Blanc 2017

    Müller Thurgau/Riesling 2017



    Pinot Noir 2017


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