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Euforia Birch Sap - Grape Skins from Milan Nestarec 2022

Birch sap collected from Birch trees, just when the roots of the trees slowly wake from their winter slumber, the sugars get activated, this gel-like substance is filled with vitamins, minerals, and is transformed into sap, which travels through the tree and activates its ecosystem. 

After the birch sap is collected owner and producer Jan Klimeš macerates it with grape skins from Moravian natural winemaker Milan Nestarec. The birch sap spends a whole year while macerating, and Jan prefers to release the bottles the following year - as he believes the slow maceration helps with the formation of  delicate flavours. You might find some bubbles on the palate. Birch sap flavour is akin to coconut water and aloe vera and the name is inspired from the feeling Jan describes after drinking these drinks. Considered to have great health benefits, very hydrating, diuretic, detoxifying, with high levels of manganese, amino acids and magnesium. 



*there might be berries, tea leaves, fruit, etc, as sediment or suspended in the bottle, this is okay to drink or taste or you can filter them out whilst pouring. 

Euforia Birch Sap - Grape Skins from Milan Nestarec 2022

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