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Dva Duby Malvasia 2018

Malvasia which is known by many names, for example, here in Moravia, they also call it Veltlinske Cervene Rane. Jiri’s vineyards are in a great location - the bedrock composed of granodiorite is highly revered as the intensity, smokey character, savoury and umami characters expressed in the wines is spectacular.  The soils, Jiri’s understanding of the landscape and his vineyards make these wines some of the most exciting in Moravia.


This Veltlinske Cervene Rane 2017 is broad, starts off with aromas of red, ripe apple, lemon oil, moves on to dill, fennel seeds like notes and very savoury, slightly salty on the palate, with a great structure and a lingering, dancing freshness. Beautiful!

Dva Duby Malvasia 2018

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