100% St Laurent.


Jiri Sebela at Dva Duby makes some of the most complex, age worthy wines. And to say these are such good value for money, is an understatement. Granodiorite, the stone, the rock is the essence of their terroir. It’s pre-Cambrian age, 700 million years old. Much older than Bordeaux, much older than Burgundy. This solid rock is present in all their vineyards in various depths. It’s usually 2,5 metre but in Karlov vineyard which is planted with St Laurent it’s just 40 centimetres. 


The vines work really hard to make their way through this rock and the root systems go deep down to draw out water. Result is really complex, intensely flavoured wines yet have a light footedness about them.


This St Laurent is intense, meaty character, an electrifying energy about it and an amazing softness and suppleness to it. Given it is a 2015 it is great to find something with a bit of age on it. 

Dva Duby, Ex Monte Lapis, 2015

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