• Dva Duby, Moravia, Czech Republic

    DVA Duby winery is led by owner & winegrower Jiri Šebela in Dolni Kounice, small town on Southern Moravia (close to the borders with Austria). Since medieval times, this area has been famous for unique vineyards producing excellent red wines, especially Frankovka (Blaufrankisch). Hillsides of the river are covered with the vineyards but to understand the magic of the place you have to go deeper. The vineyards are based on Granodiorite, magmatic stone, which is the essence of local terroir. 


    It’s pre-Cambrian age, about 700 million years old. Older than Bordeaux, much older than Burgundy. This solid rock is present in all vineyards in various depths in some places it’s just 40 centimetres below the surface. This terroir gives volcanic reds of real intensity, trademark savoury notes, mineralogy and supple acidity. Vineyards are in full organic/biodynamic regime. In the cellar they work with minimum intervention without any additives only with touch of SO2 before bottling.


    Precision, clarity of thought and meticulous planning - that is how we describe Jiri’s attitude to his vineyards and wines. Dva Duby is very close to his heart and this easily translates into his wines. Elegant, structured, silkiness, complex, ethereal, are words we would use to describe his wines. His 100% Frankovka is another brilliant expression of the variety and its multi-faceted personality that really shines on the volcanic soil. Bright, black and red cherry, blueberry bouquet and earthy notes. Intense, but light footed. 


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    Divide 2017

    Malvazija 2017



    Impera 2017

    Frankovka 2015 

    St Laurent - Ex Monte Lapis 2015 


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